How to Set Up Netgear Extender Using mywifiext?

The Netgear has pre-defined mywifiext net web address for WiFi extender configuration. A user has to connect his/her WiFi range extender to the router via an ethernet cable and then simply visit mywifiext to configure the device. In this section, you find a quick guide about setting up Netgear WiFi range extender using web address. 

So, let’s kick-off! 

A Quick Overview of Netgear Extender Setup

  1. Connect your WiFi extender to the router. 
  2. Turn on your desktop and connect it to your home network. 
  3. Run any web browser. 
  4. Visit mywifiext net web address. 
  5. You are prompted to the Netgear Genie setup wizard. 
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions, and then click on the install button. 
  7. Once done, click on the ‘Save’ button. 

Complete Netgear Extender Setup via mywifiext net (Windows OS)

Most of the routers’ do not support WPS. But, mywifiext net setup is supported by every device. You need to visit mywifiext URL to configure your WiFi range extender as per requirements. For Netgear extender manual setup, consider the following instructions carefully. 

  1. Power up your WiFi range extender. 
  2. Once the power LED turns from amber or orange to solid green, that means your extender is ready to go through the setup process or ready to use. 
  3. Attach your WiFi extender to the router via an ethernet cable. 
  4. Turn on your desktop. 
  5. Run any web browser application and type mywifiext net in the web address bar. 
  6. Enter the Netgear extender login details like username and passphrase key. 
  7. Tap on the ‘Log In’ button. 
  8. Select the ‘Extender’ mode and then click on the ‘Proceed’ button. 
  9. Once done, click on the ‘Finish’ button to close the setup screen. 

Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup via mywifiext.local (MAC OS) 

Netgear extender is a plug and place device. All you have to unbox and plug-in your device into an electric power outlet. Suppose the WiFi extender can be plugged-in to an electric power outlet once set up. In that case, any wireless device can be connected to it. You can also set up a Netgear extender on a MAC OS device: 

  1. Plug-in your Netgear extender to an electric AC power source. 
  2. Take an ethernet cable and attach your WiFi extender to the router. 
  3. Turn on your computer and run any web browser. 
  4. Type Netgear IP or mywifiext.local in the web address bar. 
  5. Enter the Netgear extender username and password, and then click on the ‘Log In’ button. 
  6. Select the ‘Extender’ mode and then click on the ‘Proceed’ button. 
  7. Once done, click on the ‘Finish’ button to close the setup screen. 

How to Reduce WiFi Interference for Better Performance 

  1. Try to place your WiFi range extender half way between your home WiFi router and weak or dead network spots. 
  2. Place your Netgear extender away from radio interference devices like radios, televisions, microwaves, ovens, Bluetooth, refrigerators, and reflective surfaces like mirrors, water, fish tank, and silver-coated surfaces. 

Wrap Up 

These are the two different ways to set up a Netgear WiFi range extender. If you face any difficulty at any step, feel free to get in touch with us anytime via the comments section. 

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